Run node-red headless for narrowband IoT devices

Node-red is a helpful tool to let people without software development skills program their devices own their own. But if you want to run node-red on a machine with very limited data volume and data bandwith, like IoT devices, node-red seems to be the wrong solution. Node-red comes with an integrated HTTP server, providing all […]

UEFI: boot ISO image via ethernet and TCP/IP

The EFI standard starts to amaze me more and more, even though I was against the EFI standard when it came out. But that’s not the topic here. It’s inconvenient to download an ISO image, burning it on a USB stick with proprietary tools, putting it into the maschine you want to boot of, and […]

Btrfs with RAID5 is safe now

In search of an easy to integrate and service, encrypted mass storage I stumbled across many filesystems. I almost considered using ZFS, but there were disadvantages for me. The worst ones were not being able to (easily) remove disks from an existing ZFS pool and that there is the typical RAID5 limitation of being stuck […]