Facts about the Command & Conquer Remastered Source Code

Electronic Arts aka. EA did something I wished for, for a long time: They released the source code to their new game “Command & Conquer Remastered Collection” (which is released in exactly 14 hours from now!). Which is extremely generous and I’m very thankful that they did it. When I first opened the coresponding Github […]

Qemu went from barely running Windows NT, to passing through graphics cards to the newest Windows

I follow neozeed’s blog “Fun with virtualization” since some time now (it’s 2 or 3 years now?) – making the 3rd place in my “DAILY” bookmarks. Curious about how his blog started, I started binging from this first post, clicking “next”, until I reached this post from 2011, which caught my attention: “Qemu 0.14.0 rc2 […]

XPRA server behind firewall: Attach to XPRA session via SSH + ProxyJump

XPRA is a handy tool to have a remote X client. But having an XPRA server inside a network where you cannot access the XPRA server from outside directly, you need a workaround. UPDATE: well, no workaround needed anymore! There are 2 3 solutions you can consider…:

Run node-red headless for narrowband IoT devices

Node-red is a helpful tool to let people without software development skills program their devices own their own. But if you want to run node-red on a machine with very limited data volume and data bandwith, like IoT devices, node-red seems to be the wrong solution. Node-red comes with an integrated HTTP server, providing all […]

Fast & easy prove that Linux caches files to RAM

I need to serve big files very frequently. After starting the serving process for the first time and users start to request these files, all my drives are heavily working. But disk utilization reduces to a minimum after a while, even though the traffic doesn’t decline. Why? Clearly this is the work of Linux’ caching […]

UEFI: boot ISO image via ethernet and TCP/IP

The EFI standard starts to amaze me more and more, even though I was against the EFI standard when it came out. But that’s not the topic here. It’s inconvenient to download an ISO image, burning it on a USB stick with proprietary tools, putting it into the maschine you want to boot of, and […]

Z-Performance Wheels & TÜV in Germany – Or how to waste money & ruin your car

So, I wanted to improve my car’s look by adding some nice wheels to it. After over 1.5 years of searching (!) I decided to buy Z-Performance wheels. Z-Performance ZP6.1 8×19 for the front axle and ZP6.1 9×19 for the rear axle. Beautiful wheels with 19 inch. But there are some serious problems .. !

Btrfs with RAID5 is safe now

In search of an easy to integrate and service, encrypted mass storage I stumbled across many filesystems. I almost considered using ZFS, but there were disadvantages for me. The worst ones were not being able to (easily) remove disks from an existing ZFS pool and that there is the typical RAID5 limitation of being stuck […]

Website and Websocket(s) on the same port with Caddy!

I’m using WebSockets for almost every project that needs communication. That has many reasons even though I like working with raw TCP connections. My 2019’s most important reason is usability via the web and passing through proxies, since proxies are a big issue because I’m behind one at work. However, the problem is that WebSockets […]

Host many crypto wallets yourself: safe & effective, for less

  In 2014 Mt. Gox was the biggest online trading platform for Bitcoin. But hackers got themselves into Mt. Gox servers and transfered almost all Bitcoins out of Mt. Gox. That was the day thousands of people lost all or most of their Bitcoins.And what if your current trusted online trading platform goes offline too and […]