Qemu went from barely running Windows NT, to passing through graphics cards to the newest Windows

I follow neozeed’s blog “Fun with virtualization” since some time now (it’s 2 or 3 years now?) – making the 3rd place in my “DAILY” bookmarks.

Curious about how his blog started, I started binging from this first post, clicking “next”, until I reached this post from 2011, which caught my attention: “Qemu 0.14.0 rc2 released!”, featuring a picture where he runs Windows NT 3.2 in Qemu…

Post by neozeed in 2011

It’s funny how big of an achievement running already stone aged Windows NT was “back then”. Besides saying “back then” for the year 2011 feels wrong. I just turned 18 at this time.

Now, “only” 9 years and 5 days later, I currently run this experiment, where I have a Linux machine run KVM with the graphics card passed through to the virtual machine behind it, which is running Windows 10. In the hope to have my main PC run Linux as the hypervisor in the future (to have it do something useful) and running Windows 10, so I can still play all my games on Steam.

It’s amazing how far Qemu and virtualization in general has come.

By the way, I’m currently working on a blog post about virtual machines from freaking 1985, and you would not believe how capable they were back then. Stay tuned!