So, I wanted to improve my car’s look by adding some nice wheels to it. After over 1.5 years of searching (!) I decided to buy Z-Performance wheels. Z-Performance ZP6.1 8×19 for the front axle and ZP6.1 9×19 for the rear axle. Beautiful wheels with 19 inch.

But there are some serious problems .. !

Z-Performance wheels, mounted

Knowingly, I live in Germany and Germany’s rules for car tuning are extremely absurd and meeting them is almost impossible if you are not a master car mechanic. I kid you not, this is not sarcasm. Every wheel manufacturer needs to get their wheels approved by the TÜV for every car they might think it might be good sold on. You can imagine that the cost for this for the manufacturers is insane.. And if you want to drive these wheels you have to get your car approved by the TÜV, too.

Well, to the story: I decided to buy some new wheels and tires and some springs to lower my car. Because I don’t have much knowledge on what exactly I can buy, I ordered a contractor to do this for me. Long story short: He totally fucked up. He mounted some springs, didn’t let them be approved by the TÜV (but I told him to do this), so I drove like 2 years without a legal car. He then never got back to me, didn’t answer any calls, etc. I never got my wheels and tires. I think he was totally unable to cope with the regulatory bullshit, even though he was a “professional tuner”.

I decided to buy these beautiful Z-Performance wheels myself, because many people in Germany drive them on the same car I’ve got, in many different sizes. So it shouldn’t have been a problem if I buy them myself, too, right?
It took me ages to find matching tire sizes that will allow me to meet Germany’s insane rules for tuning. After having the sizes of the wheels I want and the sizes and types, and whatsoever, for the tires, I was ready to buy.. kind of..

I really was absolutely not sure if all this works together. You have no chance to exactly know if your combination will work with insane (sorry, I can’t say ‘insane’ for this enough) Germany’s tuning rules. You get a document for each type of wheel with a shitload of regulations to consider. You might think: Well, read regulations, consider regulations.

Nope. I give you some examples on how absurd these regulations are. But I cannot copy the exact text because these regulatory documents are not allowed to be shared. Yes, you read that right.

Typical rust on the front axle’s apron. Gladly not my car.

One regulation says that if I drive “that” wheel with “that” type and size of a tire I need to do the following: I have to deform my front axle’s apron, which would permanently damage it – you can’t just deform metal without damaging its structural integrity and crackling its paint. This would guarantee that the car will begin to rust, nice one on this, Germany.

That regulation also tells how (but not how exactly, letting much air for doing it wrong, yay) to deform these parts. In the area 30 degrees from the middle of the wheel. And the wheels also have to be covered by 1.04 times the “nominal width” of the wheels. What?

And here is the nice thing about this regulation: In some circumstances the car’s apron doesn’t have to be modified because it might be enough. Well, what? What does “some” in this case mean and why does the TÜV not know if it is enough when they checked the wheels on the exact same car?

Another funny regulation is the following: You cannot drive these wheels if you have disk breaks in the size of something x something millimeters on the rear axle. But these disks are the stock disks of the car. Two questions come up on this:
1. How could the stock car they tested the type of my car on pass that regulation?
2. Does that mean I can drive bigger and smaller disks on this? What does that actually mean to me?

And there are so many more regulations to consider it hurts !

Conclusion: If you but a combination of wheels and tires in Germany you might probably end up wasting your money because you can’t drive these on your car. Either you build a very cool glass table from your new, unused wheels or sell them for a fraction of the price, because nobody even buys them new, because of BS like this.

Now my rant about that wheels where Z-Performance as the manufacturer fucked up.

Not even 4 mm space..

After mounting my beautiful new wheels I noticed some things:
The TÜV would really not like the small distance between the wheel and the break pads.

How could my type of car pass the regulations? How could other people pass the TÜV checks for this wheel and the same type of car? I tried to ask these people on the internet, showing of their wheels on my type of car, but almost nobody replied or they were not helpful.

Police: That’s how it looks like in Germany. Source: ZDF (German public-service television), with an one-sided report that portrays tuners as literally monsters.

Fun fact: Many people drive their car without getting their setup approved by the TÜV because getting nice sizes on your car is almost impossible. But if the police catches you driving them, they will tow your car off and decertify your car. You will not see your car again very soon, it will be stored on a dirty land side and will probably rot for some months until you get it back. But your car is decertified and it will cost you a shitton of money to get it certified again.

I might consider writing another blog post about Germany’s insane police officers. Trying to verify a already TÜV verified modified car, even though they have no clue what they’re doing, getting it towed anyway. And many many more. Maybe.

Well, back to Z-Performance.

The distance between the moving wheel’s valve and the break pads is almost non-existant.

Another thing I noticed is the placement for the valves. Catastrophic positioning. Some people were ranting about this when I posted this on a german BMW discussion board.

Conclusion on this: Z-Performance did something I can’t understand and contacting them didn’t answer my questions about the fitment and the weird TÜV regulations either.

I might end up selling the wheels for almost nothing or I build a nice, super expensive table from it.

If something changes, I will keep this post updated.